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Certified Certification

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Certified Certification

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Copper Based Alloys

ISO ASTM Comercial designation Use
Cu-OF 102 High Conductivity Oxygen Free Copper Conductors and electrical components.
Cu-ETP 110 High Conductivity Electrolytic Copper ETP Conductors and electrical components
Cu-DHP 122 Deoxidized phosphorous copper For general use when high conductivity is not required.
CuTe 145 Copper Tellurium Good Machinability
CuS 147 Copper Sulfur Good Machinability
CuCd1 162 Copper Cadmium contact conductors
CuproGold"®   Nordic Gold Good corrosion resistance and attractive golden color. Imitation gold
CuZn5 210 Brass Industrial use, ammunition
CuZn10 220 Brass 90-10 Architecture
CuZn15 230 Brass 85-15 Red Brass Use for zippers
CuZn20 240 Brass 80-20 Architecture
CuZn30 260 Brass Cartridge Deep stamping, ductile and anti-corrosion, cold forging
CuZn35 270 yellow brass Deep stamping, ductile and anti-corrosion, cold forging
CuZn37 274 Common Brass General use for simple forming
CuZn40 280 Lead Free Common Brass For hot forging; limited cold work
CuZnPb2 314 Lead Bronze Machinable bronze, screws
CuZn36Pb3 360 machinable brass Ductile, formable and machinable
CuZn38Pb2 377 forging brass Ductile, formable and machinable
CuSn5 510 Phosphor bronze. High resistance, anticorrosive
CuZn40Si 470 Tobin welding Brass Welding
Low Smoking 681 Smokeless welding Brass Welding
CuNi18Zn17 752 Alpaca 18% Good corrosion resistance and silver following color.
CuNi18Zn23 757 Alpaca 12% Good corrosion resistance and silver-like color
CuproSilver"®   Nickel free alpaca Anti-allergic in contact with the skin.
CuS1 651 Silicon Bronze, Low Good corrosion resistance, moderate strength. Bolts
CuSi3Mn 655 Silicon Bronze, High Good corrosion resistance, moderate strength. Bolts