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Copper Coil

Copper coils play a important role in technological applications being made from pure copper due to its exceptional conductivity to shape them into a spiral form. These coils made from the metal offer benefits that are highly valued in diverse industries.

The remarkable functionality of copper coils stems from the conductivity of copper ranking just below silver in efficiency and making them an optimal choice for electrical purposes. Widely employed in motors, transformers and inductors these coils enhance the performance of devices by minimizing energy loss during power transmission.

The high thermal conductivity of copper coils is an advantage. Coppers effective heat dissipation capability enhances the performance of devices that generate heat like air conditioners and refrigerators. This thermal feature not only boosts efficiency but also prolongs the lifespan of these appliances.

Copper coils are renowned for their resistance to corrosion. They withstand elements such as moisture and temperature fluctuations ensuring lasting reliability. Moreover being non magnetic makes them suitable for applications like MRI machines and medical equipment where magnetic interference must be avoided.

Copper coils have the advantage of being shaped into custom designs to fit confined spaces making them highly versatile. This adaptability in design makes them suitable for a range of uses from electronic components to large industrial machinery.

When comparing copper coils to their aluminum counterparts copper stands out for its conductivity, durability and thermal properties. Despite the cost the outstanding performance and long lifespan of copper coils often make them a more cost effective option in the long term.

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Standard ASTM B743, ASME SB743
Thickness 0.9MM, 1.2MM, and 1.5MM.
Length 8-10 meter
Finish Hot rolled (HR), Cold rolled (CR) Galvanized etc.
Material Copper
Grades UNS C10200, C10300, C10800, C11400, C11600, C14200, C14420, C12000, or C12200.

Equivalent Grades of B743 Copper / Copper Alloy Coils

Grade C10200 C10300 C10800 C11400 C11600 C14200 C14420 C12000 C12200

Copper Coils in India

Composition (Cu %) EC / ETP (99.90%), DHP (99.80%), TBC (99.60%), INDUSTRIAL (98.00%)
Temper Annealed (Soft), Half Hard (HB), Full Hard (HD)
Hardness Range 45 – 130 VPN
Dimensions (mm) Thickness Width / Diameter Length
Products Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
Sheets 0.10 16.0 15.0 1350.0 50.00 3000.0
Coils 0.05 3.50 6.00 365.00 - -
Circles 0.20 6.00 40.0 1250.0 - -