Certified Certification

Certified Certification

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Certified Certification

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Copper Cable : Bare Stranded

Nexus Metal & Alloys manufactures, exports and supplies exposed stranded copper conductor which is utilized on both lightning assurance and earthing frameworks. Accessible as delicate drawn (copper wire that has been warmth treated) and hard drawn (copper wire that has not been tempered subsequent to drawing).

Conforms to ASTM B-1 for hard drawn, STM B-2 for medium hard drawn, ASTM B-3 for soft or annealed copper wire and ASTM B-8 concentric lay. Conforms to Federal Standard QQ-W-343. Conforms to National Bureau of Standards Handbook. Strandings are concentric, rope-lay concentric, rope-lay bunched and extra flexible.

  • Material : Soft drawn stranded copper cable to BS EN 60228.

  • Application : The bare copper conductor are used as ground conductor, uninsulated hook up wires and jumpers.


NCS006 6.0 BLACK 0.78 25
NBR253 16 BROWN 0.78 25
NGR253 25 GREEN 0.78 25
NGY253 25 x 3 GREY 0.78 25
NS253 25 x 3 STONE 0.78 25
NW253 25 x 3 WHITE 0.78 25
NGR256 25 x 6 GREEN 1.53 20
NGR506 50 x 6 GREEN 2.96 20


  • CPRI Tested
  • It is long-lasting and free from maintenance
  • Unique manufacturing process ensures uniform copper coating thickness
  • It is easy to install and is unbreakable
  • Corrosion free while providing the lowest resistance to ground
  • Variable choices are manufactured in order to meet the customers demand
  • Convenient installation and very beautiful appearance.


  • Corrosion resistant surface
  • Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Advanced technology with effective engineering
  • Easy to install


  • Electrical Industry
  • Cements Industry
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Electrical Equipments
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Sugar and paper Industry
  • Petrol & Chemical Industry